Bounty & Knockout Tournaments

Bounty & Knockout Tournaments

In Bounty and Knockout tournaments, the players are rewarded for eliminating other players. There are three major types of prizes:

Some Important Things

Here are some important things about the displaying of Bounty and Knockout tournaments in the client:

Knockout Tournaments

There are two types of knockout schemes: the standard one and progressive knockout. In case with standard knockout, the player receives full knockout prize of another player for eliminating him. However, progressive knockout is based on a completely different principle. In such tournaments, the player gets only a portion of the current opponent's bounty (usually 50%) for knocking him out, and the second part is added to his own bounty. Thus, the more opponents were eliminated by the player – the more players wish to defeat him. In the end, in addition to standard prize, the winner of the progressive knockout tournament receives a reward for himself.