Lowest Rake

Stock Poker has lowest rake of any licensed online poker site

Our cash table rake across all levels & limits only 2.5% and capped at one big blind.

This is in some cases ten times less than other online platforms.

Our tournament fees are always 5% or less.

No rakeback schemes or tricks on Stock Poker. Just the lowest rake available.

How much are you paying in Rake?

Please research your platform yourself, and if you are playing in a club ask your agent.

Nearly all platforms offer some type of rakeback deal.

Most rakeback promotions have hard to achieve playing thresholds that are often not achieved by most players.

Again check you site or ask your agent on just how much rakeback are you achieving from that rakeback promotion.

Cash Table Rake Comparison

Stock Poker: 2.5% with 1BB cap across all stakes and all games.


<= $1/$25%3BB
> $1/$25%2BB


Check your club's rake policy. Some clubs charge varying rakes

888 Poker

Fixed Limit
2-10 players upto $0.25 BB5%Max $0.50
2-10 players $0.50 to $2 BB5%Max $1.00
No Limt & Pot Limit
HU $1,
3+ players
$4.00 Max
.02/.04 & .03/.06 5.89%
.05/.10 - 1.00/2.005%

GG Poker

No Limit
.05/.105%HU $1, 3+ $3
.10/.25 - .25/.505%HU $1, +3 $5
.50/1.005%HU $3, 3+ $5
Pot Limit
All Stakes3%No Cap

America's Card Room

No limit and Pot Limit upto 1.00/2.00
Heads Up5%$0.50
3 players5%$1.00
4 players5%$2.00
5-9 players5%$3.00