Re-entry and Multi-entry Tournaments

Re-entry Tournaments

In a Re-entry tournament, players have the opportunity to enter the event again after the elimination. When the player loses all of his chips, he is offered to re-enter immediately. If he chooses to re-enter, he will have to pay the same Buy-in + Entry Fee. If the player chooses not to re-enter, he will still be able to register normally from the tournament lobby at any time during Late Registration period. Re-entry feature cannot be used for the tournaments without late registration. The duration of the re-entry period equals late registration period. Multiple entries at the same time are not allowed.

Multi-entry Tournaments

In Multi-entry tournaments, the player can enter several times simultaneously. If he does that, he will be seated at several tables at a time when the tournament starts. For each entry he will have to pay Buy-in + Entry Fee. Re-entries at the same time are not allowed. At a preset number of players remaining all players remaining entries still seated at tables will be combined into one player.

Example: SNG 48 player max multi-entry tournament with six max tables. Players can purchase up to three simultaneous seats. At no time will a player have multiple seats at the same table. Play continues at all tables until a predetermined number of players is reached. For this example when six players remain. When only six individual unique players remain, the tournament pauses while Final Table is formed. And a player’s entries that are still live are consolidated into one final chip stack for the final table.